Legoland ❤️

This kid had such a great day. We got in the car when the day was over and he immediately stripped to his undies 😂 Typical boy.

We were there when he doors opened but we kind of got side inf tracked by the Lego hotel and ended up spending an hour in their lobby alone! 😂 We finally got into the park and got up ninjago land first because it’s Aaron’s absolutely favorite show. It didnt disappoint. We rode a virtual ride where we got to use our hands to throw throwing stars at every seasons different bad guy ending with Garmadon. At the end of the ride all the ninjas were cheering us on and it was so fun. From there we moved on to the Star Wars sections. Holy moly. Talk about massive detailed Lego sets. I mean these things were huge. They had a whole Star Wars row of pretty much every character so of course we took photos with all of them. From there we kind of shuffled along to the Duplo section for ms. abba and she had herself a good ole time. They had the cutest little city setup with a bank, grocery store, jail, fire department, mechanic shop, and post office. We bought a ticket into the water park but we ran out of time and only got to play there for a little bit before our day was over.

At the end of the day my husband asked Aaron, “did you have a good day?” To which Aaron replied “I didn’t have a good day, I had a GREAT day!!!” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

For the month of October San Diego was running a promotion where kids get in free to more than 100 attractions. Here’s the link for the promotion. I don’t know if this is something they do every year but if so I can see us totally coming back next year.  I wish we’d had more time to check out some of the other attractions but we had to start making our way up the coast for San Fran.. where I left my heart somewhere along that scenic drive. 😍

Sunset in Santa Monica


Our first stop once we landed and got settled was Santa Monica pier and the beach. The weather, if you’ve never been, really is perfect there just like everyone always says it is. The landscape really is gorgeous also and was probably my favorite part. There were endless rows of palm trees surrounded by mountain ranges in the distance all while having infinite ocean to stare at. We got there right in time to see the sun sink over the ocean and it cast the prettiest colors over the beach and across the pier. We played in the sand, ran up and down the beach, chased the birds, and even got in the freezing cold water at one point. I wasn’t quite quick enough to escape some of the massive waves and got soaked and was sandy and freezing the rest of the time we were at the pier but it was totally worth it. Aaron had a blast and didn’t want to leave which is so totally opposite of when I last took him to the beach.. it was a long tiresome day of travel which is why we look so run down but all in all it was a great first day.

colorful colorado

I have always been a beach girl. ALWAYS. im drawn to the ocean. Granted, I’d never been to the mountains before but I’d also never had any interest in going. Aris used to always say “the beach again?! How many different beaches can we go to? Can we go to the mountains one year?” And I always answered with “the mountains?! Why would you want to go to the mountains when you can sit in front of the ocean all day?” I never understood before, but now.. I get it. I completely get it. The mountains take your breath away and leave you speechless. Mostly because of the death defying drive it takes to get to the top of them but also because oh the gorgeous out of this world views you see when you get to the top. There is just something about being up there that I can’t put into words. I now get the quote.. ‘the mountains are calling and I must go’ I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them since we got home. I may or may not be trying to talk the husband into moving to colorado. Our time there was nothing short of amazing. We rode trail ridge road and it literally takes you to the top of the world. A must do if you’re visiting the rocky mountains. Beside from the panic attacks you may or may not have from driving on the side a huge mountain where you can free fall off the edge (I may be exaggerating a tiny bit) the drive is incredible. We stayed in estes park and nearly froze to death while we simultaneously worried about being eaten by bears. The wind in the mountains at night is like nothing I’ve ever heard before. Imagine the biggest gust of roaring howling wind sweeping through and each gusting last about one minute long. Needless to say we ended up renting a cabin instead of sleeping in our tents. The sky at night was the darkest shade of black I’ve ever seen and in the midst of that darkness there were an abundance of starts that littered the sky.  I couldn’t have found a single open space to place not even one more star in the sky. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I wanted so desperately to see a moose but to no avail we did however see the biggest elk with these massive horns and that was pretty amazing. I could very easily spend the rest of my life in the mountains .. maybe with available beach vacation thrown in every now and then…

Until next time colorado. . You have my heart.

together is a beautiful place to be

My baby sister is married! The whole reason we all climbed into a jam packed car and hit the road with two small children in tow across 6 states for a total drive time of 24 non stop hours that took us four days was so we could see these two say ‘I do’! And I have to say,  I’ve been to many weddings and this one was by far my favorite one ever. (Not bias or anything) It was intimate, just us family, but oh man was it full of love. There wasn’t one dry eye by the time it was done. Alex’s love for my sister was so visible during his vows and I’m so so happy for them! We celebrated their reception where they met and both work at and their work family has become like real family. It was a beautiful day of celebrating these two with friends and family and I’m so glad we were able to be there! (Although I wouldn’t mind never having to have to drive back! Ha!)


Congratulations Paula and Alex! We love you! Here’s to love and laughter and happily ever after!!!

GOOD times in the BADlands


Badlands National Park 

The badlands was the first stop on our 48 hour round trip road trip. We drove all the way from Texas up to the tip top of North dakota and with four adults, two kids, and a ton of stuff this was no easy accomplishment.  We made it to South Dakota after day three on the road and we just popped in to explore some of the park before we kept on trucking along and I’m so glad we did. This place is seriously gorgeous. We weren’t there long but we sure did enjoy it. I feel like the badlands are highly underrated. We got there right before night fall and the moon was rising right behind all the beautiful rock formations making for a gorgeous backdrop to an already stunning place. We set up our tents for the night and then first thing next morning made our way back into the park and just as we did we saw an entire herd of bighorn sheep!  As we’re coming through the entrance the park ranger said she had never  seen them this close before and people come here to try and get a glimpse of the bighorns .. so of course we’re rushing to get close to them as they’re starting to walk off and we get out our camera and my brother gets out his go pro. We decide hey let’s see if we can get just a tad closer so we get out of the car but stay very close to it as to not intrude on the herd. We’re being quiet snapping pics and filming and all of a sudden this one sheep turns and looks at us (see photo above) and I’m like okay.. he doesn’t like where we’re at so we start to back up a little and all of a sudden he charges us. . So we’re RUNNING back to the car (it was honestly only a couple of steps back but it felt like forever away) and my brother is on the other side of the car yelling to unlock the door and I’m hanging onto the side step and roof rack yelling “GOOOOO!” It was pretty funny but  pretty terrifying too. I went back through my camera and this was the last shot I got before he charged us.  After that we went hiking on the notch trail which I got from pintereat off a list of must do’s while in the badlands and it was just so stunning. The landscape was so pretty. My mom stayed at the bottom of the hill once we got to an uphill wooden ladder but my aar ok n made it up with not a whole lot of help. It’s honestly one of my favorite places! I wish we’d had more time to explore the entire park but we had a wedding to get to! My baby sister was getting married and we were pushing the clock to get there. Pics of her beautiful wedding to come!


Mother’s Day Weekend at the Marriott

Marriott Marquis Houston 

For Mother’s day this year my husband out did himself and surprised me with a little staycation. He came home from work with the cutest little hand written letter and at the bottom it said pick a hand .. So I looked up and both hands were behind his back. . I picked the left one and this is where we ended up! (The sweetest) The Marriott Marquis Houston is Houston’s new summertime hangout spot mostly because they placed a 300 foot lazy river pool in the shape of Texas (everything really is bigger here) right on their roof overlooking discovery green park and parts of the city. We’ve all been dying to ce hang our here and needless to say Aaron was stoked. I taught him about Texas young and ever since thrnwhen ever he sees our states shape he has to yell it out for all to hear “TEXAS MOMMA TEXAS!!!!” He couldn’t wait to jump in that pool! We went up to our room on the 26th floor and had am amazing floor to ceiling view of the pool as well as some of the city’s skyscrapers. The room was incredible! Once we got down to the pool unloaded and relaxed the wait staff at the high dive bar quickly came around to take our orders and they were fantastic. Me and the kids sipped on some virgin pina coladas and some strawberry banana smoothies all weekend long and it felt like we were in the carribean.  We took endless amounts of laps around the texas shaped lazy river and could have kept going til … forever I think! There is so much to do! Besides the lazy river, there is the infinity pool (18+ after 6pm), a hot tub, a splash pad for the kiddos to play in, and a grassy area with cornhole, and some life size janga pieces. We stayed for two days and still don’t feel like it was enough time!  For dinner there are several great choices right inside the hotel so you dont even have to leave (and with two kids in tow I can’t explain how easy and convenient this is). If you need to get out and stretch your legs or if the kids somehow still have some energy to burn discovery green is right across the street with a playground and some hills for the little ones to run on. After dinner we changed back into our swimsuits to enjoy an evening swim before the pool closed for the night . The hotel is so close to so many downtown destinations. While we were there comicon was happening across the street at the George R. Brown and we got to see all sorts of charachters, Aarons favorite being a transformer. Also really close to the hotel is Minute Maid, Discovery Green, and The Toyota Center. There is basically no reason for you NOT to stay here.

If you’re looking for a close family friendly summer mini vacation spot or anything else for that matter the marquis really does have it all. It was the perfect mothers day and the Marriott marquis was the perfect choice.

Thank you hubby.


Aarons swimsuit

Abigail’s swimsuit

Vintage inspired mommy and me shoot


These are hands down my FAVORITE pictures to date. Three  Little Chickadees Photography really out did it this time. This shoot is so stunning! Me and Abigail did a mommy and me shoot for mother’s day and I could not be more pleased. If you’re wondering.. Aaron asked to sit this one out since we’d taken so many pictures while in NYC and since he did so great I had to give in this time but I sure wish he would have been there.

 Sappy mom moment here……………..

   I bought this dress before Abba was born, back when she was a thought, before I knew what she’d look like or who she’d be. I fell in love with the vintage color and look of the dress and the pretty little lace detail and now she’s here, and she’s six months old, and she way more beautiful than I could have ever ever imagined and I’m so blessed with my babies.

Psalms 127:3-5 ❤

  Thank you so much TLC for capturing my baby so pricelessly. I will cherish these photos of me and her forever.

My dress here

Abigail’s dress old similar herebonnet

Take me out to the ball game!

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to baseball games. It doesn’t get any better than the ball park, dollar hot dogs, and the Houston Astros! This was Abigail’s first game and Aaron’s second, I love how he sits there so interested in the game. He has a record for making it onto the big screen and I like think of him as our lucky charm. He’s made it onto the dance cam at every game we’ve ever taken him to [two baseball games and one basketball game] This go around he didn’t make it onto the dace cam part of the game but we stuck around and he finally made it onto the jumbo-tron during the seventh inning stretch during ‘Take me out to the ball game’ and he was soooo happy! I’m sure he’ll remember that for a long time. He got a solid amount of screen time!

Recently, minute maid park did a renovation and added in a hangout spot full of restaurants and places to lounge and watch the game right in centerfield.
My husband is a project manager and got to over see his part of the companies addition to the project so he got to be there quite a bit and be around some of the players (jealous!) They added a Torchy’s Tacos and we had to go check it out. Phenomenal! I see us hanging out here a lot during the summer catching a lot more Astros baseball games!

We got all our official Astros gear here and they have every team in the MLB and kids sizes!
Stock up on official gear for you family summer baseball games!


Chappel Hill Bluebonnet Festival |Part two

Rows and rows of the cutest little shops

It doesn’t get any more ‘Texas’ than some bluebell and live country

I don’t remember what was so funny but I love Aarons laughing face


Chapel Hill’s 53rd Annual Bluebonnet Festival

So when we booked our photographer to take our bluebonnet photos we thought the festival was the same weekend. Turns out it wasn’t. We ended driving all the way up to chapel hill 5 hours early to spend the day at the bluebonnet festival only to find out it was the next weekend. The town is literally so tiny there’s NOTHING to do there. Some how we managed to kill time but it was tough!

Texas monthly magazine rated the Chappel Hill Bluebonnet Festival (CHBBF) 7th on the list of ‘most popular festivals in texas’ so I knew we’d be driving back up the next weekend to attend.

It was such a beautiful day to be at the festival! They had pony rides, and carnival rides, and watermelon slushies, and live music, and bounce houses for the kids, and a ferris wheel, and tons and tons of small shops.

It was so fun to spend the day shopping and listening to live music and enjoying some good ole texas BBQ.

Until next year CHBBF!