A natural teething alternative| Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces

Amber teethjng neclaces..Are they worth it?

When my son started teething, I wanted to get him an amber teething necklace because I’d heard wonderful things about them .. but I honestly hated ordering stuff offline (what was I thinking???) and couldn’t find anyone local. Now that the littles out number me it’s SO much more convenient to ship EVERYTHING to the house. (BTW, chick-fil-a delivers now?!?! what is this madness that is every mom’s dream come true??) Anyways, now that the baby is cutting teeth and drooling like crazy I found a local mama that had these bad boys so I decided to try one out if all else failed they make a super cute accessory right? So today we left the house in a rush and I forgot to grab her necklace…

If I hadn’t noticed a real difference before, today was a whole new ball game. I ordered my necklace right around the same time her first tooth came in so I thought it was coincidence that the teething seemed to diminish but I was obviously very wrong.
As soon as we got home I put it back on her and over the course of the evening she has been noticeably more calm

Here are some of the main benefits of Baltic amber teething necklaces:
They’ve been used for centuries
Known for their healing and anti-inflammatory properties
Soothes inflamed gums and cheeks
Reduces drooling

Instructions/ Care for wearing:
my little wears hers all day, except we take them off at night to sleep
necklace should NOT be chewed on
(the warmth of the skin allows the body to absorb the benefits)
Avoid soaps, detergents, and oils on the necklace
Clean with water and sea salt
(soak for 2 mins, rinse, and rub gently with a soft cloth)

I ordered my necklace from a local mama but she ships everywhere.
I can not say enough good things about her! She had my order made the same day within hours and she even had most of the ones I saw on sale!
She has lots more information posted for any other questions you may have!

 My little babe is wearing this one here.

What’s been your experience with amber teething necklaces? Have you noticed a difference?

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