Chappel Hill Bluebonnet Festival |Part two

Rows and rows of the cutest little shops

It doesn’t get any more ‘Texas’ than some bluebell and live country

I don’t remember what was so funny but I love Aarons laughing face


Chapel Hill’s 53rd Annual Bluebonnet Festival

So when we booked our photographer to take our bluebonnet photos we thought the festival was the same weekend. Turns out it wasn’t. We ended driving all the way up to chapel hill 5 hours early to spend the day at the bluebonnet festival only to find out it was the next weekend. The town is literally so tiny there’s NOTHING to do there. Some how we managed to kill time but it was tough!

Texas monthly magazine rated the Chappel Hill Bluebonnet Festival (CHBBF) 7th on the list of ‘most popular festivals in texas’ so I knew we’d be driving back up the next weekend to attend.

It was such a beautiful day to be at the festival! They had pony rides, and carnival rides, and watermelon slushies, and live music, and bounce houses for the kids, and a ferris wheel, and tons and tons of small shops.

It was so fun to spend the day shopping and listening to live music and enjoying some good ole texas BBQ.

Until next year CHBBF!

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