Take me out to the ball game!

One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to baseball games. It doesn’t get any better than the ball park, dollar hot dogs, and the Houston Astros! This was Abigail’s first game and Aaron’s second, I love how he sits there so interested in the game. He has a record for making it onto the big screen and I like think of him as our lucky charm. He’s made it onto the dance cam at every game we’ve ever taken him to [two baseball games and one basketball game] This go around he didn’t make it onto the dace cam part of the game but we stuck around and he finally made it onto the jumbo-tron during the seventh inning stretch during ‘Take me out to the ball game’ and he was soooo happy! I’m sure he’ll remember that for a long time. He got a solid amount of screen time!

Recently, minute maid park did a renovation and added in a hangout spot full of restaurants and places to lounge and watch the game right in centerfield.
My husband is a project manager and got to over see his part of the companies addition to the project so he got to be there quite a bit and be around some of the players (jealous!) They added a Torchy’s Tacos and we had to go check it out. Phenomenal! I see us hanging out here a lot during the summer catching a lot more Astros baseball games!

We got all our official Astros gear here and they have every team in the MLB and kids sizes!
Stock up on official gear for you family summer baseball games!


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