GOOD times in the BADlands


Badlands National Park 

The badlands was the first stop on our 48 hour round trip road trip. We drove all the way from Texas up to the tip top of North dakota and with four adults, two kids, and a ton of stuff this was no easy accomplishment.  We made it to South Dakota after day three on the road and we just popped in to explore some of the park before we kept on trucking along and I’m so glad we did. This place is seriously gorgeous. We weren’t there long but we sure did enjoy it. I feel like the badlands are highly underrated. We got there right before night fall and the moon was rising right behind all the beautiful rock formations making for a gorgeous backdrop to an already stunning place. We set up our tents for the night and then first thing next morning made our way back into the park and just as we did we saw an entire herd of bighorn sheep!  As we’re coming through the entrance the park ranger said she had never  seen them this close before and people come here to try and get a glimpse of the bighorns .. so of course we’re rushing to get close to them as they’re starting to walk off and we get out our camera and my brother gets out his go pro. We decide hey let’s see if we can get just a tad closer so we get out of the car but stay very close to it as to not intrude on the herd. We’re being quiet snapping pics and filming and all of a sudden this one sheep turns and looks at us (see photo above) and I’m like okay.. he doesn’t like where we’re at so we start to back up a little and all of a sudden he charges us. . So we’re RUNNING back to the car (it was honestly only a couple of steps back but it felt like forever away) and my brother is on the other side of the car yelling to unlock the door and I’m hanging onto the side step and roof rack yelling “GOOOOO!” It was pretty funny but  pretty terrifying too. I went back through my camera and this was the last shot I got before he charged us.  After that we went hiking on the notch trail which I got from pintereat off a list of must do’s while in the badlands and it was just so stunning. The landscape was so pretty. My mom stayed at the bottom of the hill once we got to an uphill wooden ladder but my aar ok n made it up with not a whole lot of help. It’s honestly one of my favorite places! I wish we’d had more time to explore the entire park but we had a wedding to get to! My baby sister was getting married and we were pushing the clock to get there. Pics of her beautiful wedding to come!


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