Sunset in Santa Monica


Our first stop once we landed and got settled was Santa Monica pier and the beach. The weather, if you’ve never been, really is perfect there just like everyone always says it is. The landscape really is gorgeous also and was probably my favorite part. There were endless rows of palm trees surrounded by mountain ranges in the distance all while having infinite ocean to stare at. We got there right in time to see the sun sink over the ocean and it cast the prettiest colors over the beach and across the pier. We played in the sand, ran up and down the beach, chased the birds, and even got in the freezing cold water at one point. I wasn’t quite quick enough to escape some of the massive waves and got soaked and was sandy and freezing the rest of the time we were at the pier but it was totally worth it. Aaron had a blast and didn’t want to leave which is so totally opposite of when I last took him to the beach.. it was a long tiresome day of travel which is why we look so run down but all in all it was a great first day.

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