Legoland ❤️

This kid had such a great day. We got in the car when the day was over and he immediately stripped to his undies 😂 Typical boy.

We were there when he doors opened but we kind of got side inf tracked by the Lego hotel and ended up spending an hour in their lobby alone! 😂 We finally got into the park and got up ninjago land first because it’s Aaron’s absolutely favorite show. It didnt disappoint. We rode a virtual ride where we got to use our hands to throw throwing stars at every seasons different bad guy ending with Garmadon. At the end of the ride all the ninjas were cheering us on and it was so fun. From there we moved on to the Star Wars sections. Holy moly. Talk about massive detailed Lego sets. I mean these things were huge. They had a whole Star Wars row of pretty much every character so of course we took photos with all of them. From there we kind of shuffled along to the Duplo section for ms. abba and she had herself a good ole time. They had the cutest little city setup with a bank, grocery store, jail, fire department, mechanic shop, and post office. We bought a ticket into the water park but we ran out of time and only got to play there for a little bit before our day was over.

At the end of the day my husband asked Aaron, “did you have a good day?” To which Aaron replied “I didn’t have a good day, I had a GREAT day!!!” ❤️❤️❤️❤️

For the month of October San Diego was running a promotion where kids get in free to more than 100 attractions. Here’s the link for the promotion. I don’t know if this is something they do every year but if so I can see us totally coming back next year.  I wish we’d had more time to check out some of the other attractions but we had to start making our way up the coast for San Fran.. where I left my heart somewhere along that scenic drive. 😍

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