A weekend in the woods: Lake Houston Wilderness Park

StephanieJanuary 20, 2020
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Just on the outskirts of downtown Houston lies Lake Houston Wilderness Park. With just under five thousand acres of hiking trails to explore this is the perfect place to spend the day. With only a thirty minute drive to get here it’s a great place to hang out for the day or camp for a few days. There is so much to do here. From several options for camping, endless hiking trails, or lots of fun classes and nature events you can participate in, you’re sure to enjoy your stay. Our favorite thing about this park is the Peach Creek River. It’s great for those hot summer days of bare feet, rolled up pant legs, and lots of play!

Lake Houston Wilderness Park
Houston, Texas

We decided it would be a great idea to rent an a-frame cabin and have a girls weekend with the kids. We had all these great ideas of roasting smores, letting the kids play in the creek until sunset, and cooking our dinner over an open fire. Well, that’s not e x a c t l y how things happened but it’s always the unplanned events that make for fun story telling.

Getting to Lake Houston Wilderness Park

Address: 25840 FM 1485 New Caney, TX 77357

Heading from Downtown: Travel up HWY 59/69 N to the New Caney exit. From there, go down FM 1485 for about 5 miles until you reach LHWP on your right.

From The Woodlands: If you have a ez tag then you’re fastest route will be on the TX-99. Once on 99, travel for about 14 miles until you reach the New Caney/ FM 1485. Then travel down 1485 for about 5 miles until you see the park on your right.

Staying at Lake Houston Wilderness Park

The Lake Houston Wilderness Park has two different cabins you can rent. One is this a-frame cabin that’s considered ‘dry camping’. You bring in all your own blankets, plates, cups, and basically everything you need. The front and back wall are a screen so you feel ll the elements in this cabin. Be sure to pack for any kind of weather! The other cabins sleep up to six people, are nearly fully furnished, and have a lakeside view. The larger cabins come with two queen sized beds and a pull out perfect for groups or bigger families.

So we loaded up all our camping gear and set out for the wilderness park. To preface this story we’ve never been camping as a family and especially not without my husband or father heading up the initiative. I consider us a group of capable women so when my mom wasn’t worried about us doing this on our own with the kids I was convinced.

Hiking Trails at Lake Houston Wilderness Park

The Lake Houston Wilderness Park has some great hiking trails especially for kids. If you’re looking for some nature fun inside a concrete jungle this is the place to go. The trails are all easy, flat, and short which is great for toddlers who don’t have the endurance for long hikes. The creek is the perfect place to cool off after a hike especially on a hot summer day. My kids spend hours here playing. There’s a fallen tree that lays just above the water that they use as a bridge. Other visits we’ve spotted a tire and rope swing which makes for endless hours of fun. .

After our creek visit we headed to our cabin to get set up for the night. Here’s where things got fun. First, let me back up. My sister decided to go camping in a full face of make-up and a new outfit because she was on vacation Ha! (She ended up sticking her elbow in melted marshmallow left on the table and was not pleased. 😂)
Then my mother tried getting our fire and hammock set up. After several failed attempts to hang the hammock my mom was felt pretty proud of herself once she finally got it. I go over and slowly start to put some weight on it. All seemed good.. it didn’t slip down the tree so I gently start adding more and more wight until I’m totally off the ground and enjoying the sway of the hammock. There is breeze and then without warning the hammock free falls to the ground after I’d been in it for a solid 5 minutes. My tailbone is still sore from this and lesson learned: don’t trust mom’s hammock hanging skills!

The view from our cabin was this large pond so we decided to take a walk around it at sunset. You can see a glimpse of the other cabins offered here at Lake Houston Wilderness Park. The kids really enjoyed their lap around the pond. They tried skipping rocks, looking for fish, and had races. When we came back we learned that my mom’s fire making skill aren’t what she had led on and our dinner was still cold. Luckily she’d brought back up and pulled out an electric cook top so we had a warm dinner after all. Now if only we’d had a warm night.

Nightfall came and we froze! Even though we’re in Texas it does get pretty cold in December (Who would’ve thought?) . Bringing the air mattress pump would have helped so we didn’t have to sleep on the floor. What’s camping without a few bumps in the road?! We weren’t prepared to camp in winter but overall we had a blast and hopefully we’ll be pros in no time! If you plan on going in winter I definitely suggest one of the bigger cabins. We’re going to enjoy the a-frames during the summer months.

Booking your stay:

We will definitely coming back here more this summer! There are so many affordable options to stay here. It’s only a short drive from downtown but it truly feels like you’re in the wilderness. To book a stay at these cozy cabins visit their website or call (832) 395-7690 . Check out their schedule of upcoming events and classes to add some even more fun to your trip. We have taken many classes here and they’re very knowledgeable, hand on, fun, and engaging!

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  • Mary

    January 24, 2020 at 2:51 pm

    Look amazing!!

    1. Stephanie

      January 31, 2020 at 6:46 am

      It was a great time! If you’re ever in the area you have to try to make it out to this spot!

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