The Ultimate Guide to Slide Rock State Park Arizona

StephanieJuly 24, 2020
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Slide Rock State Park, Sedona
Slide Rock State Park

Slide Rock State Park was at the top of our list of must do’s on our recent rip to Arizona. We had a bucket list a mile long of things we wanted to do and slide rock definitely did not disappoint! This was hands down one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to date! If you’re looking for somewhere family friendly to enjoy the great outdoors this place needs to be on the top of your list, seriously. The options for enjoying nature are absolutely endless here and the landscape is breathtaking. Slide Rock, Located in Oak Creek Canyon, is approximately ten miles and a 20 minute drive from the center of Sedona. Recently, Slide Rock was named as the fifth best swimming hole in the country by readers in USA Today and Fodor’s Travel Top 10 State Parks in the United States and rightly so. Slide Rock has no shortage of beauty or fun, making it the perfect destination for a day spent in the sun.



LOCATION: 6871 AZ-89A, Sedona, AZ 86336

Slide Rock gets it’s name from the natural waterslide that has formed from the water on the slippery bed of Oak Creek. The rocks are extremely slippery, making slipping and sliding down a breeze for kids and adults alike. The red rocks that surround the waterslide area make for one of the most beautiful backdrops I’ve ever seen.



  • March 1- May 22 :$20
  • May 23- Labor Day: (Monday-Thursday) $20 (Friday-Sunday) $30
  • Tuesday after Labor Day- September 30: $20 per vehicle
  • October-February: $10 per vehicle

*Motorcycle: Entry fee is 50 percent of the per vehicle fee
Individual/bicycle: $5.00


  • March 1- May 22: 8am-6pm
  • May 23- LABOT DAY: 7am-7pm *Note early opening
  • Tuesday after labor day – October 31: 8am-6pm
  • November 1- February 28: 9am-5pm


Here are a few things you need to know before visiting slide rock:

  • The park is extremely popular. During the summer months it opens at 7 am and I recommend getting there an hour early if you hope to make it in. Parking is limited and they start turning people away after the lot gets full .
  • I’m not exaggerating when I say the rocks are extremely slippery. Make sure to be especially careful if you’re carrying babies/toddlers/kids and most importantly wear GOOD shoes.
  • Once you pass the store and restrooms if you turn left you’ll walk through a trail that puts you right at the top overlooking the water chute. It’s a beautiful spot to visit for a birds eye view over the water slide.
  • Be careful when cliff jumping into the pools. While we were there an older gentleman fell and hit the rock on the bottom that sticks a little further out than the top and had to have the fire department come out and take him to the hospital.
  • The water temperature even in the height of the summer months is still pretty cold. It’s best to visit during the summer so the Arizona heat warms the waters. It’s the perfect place to spend a hot summer day.
  • If you’d like a little more secluded spot travel upstream just a little and you’ll find some mini slides and way less people. Keep going and you’ll even see a small waterfall.

What to Bring:

  • Lots of water-You want to make sure you stay hydrated. The dry heat of the area really dehydrates you without even realizing it.
  • Sun Screen- The Arizona sun is no joke. There isn’t a ton of shade around the water chute so make sure you’re prepared.
  • Lunch- A lot of people make a day out of visiting this park. If you leave chances are you’re spot will get taken so make sure to bring a lunch and snacks.
  • Bathing Suit/Water Shoes- Again, the rocks really are slippery so bring grippy shoes and a suit if you plan on taking a ride down the natural waterslide.
  • Towel- With how cold the water is, you’ll definitely want one of these to dry off with or sun bathe on.
  • Floats- It’s really fun to hop on a float and cruise down the natural water slide. So if you’re able this is a fun addition to pack for the day.
  • Life Jacket/ Puddle Jumpers- If you’ve got kids who aren’t strong swimmers i’d recommend bringing these. The water isn’t overly deep in most areas but the current is strong and the rocks are slick so we just felt safer with these on the kids.

We hope this overview of this wonderful parks encourages you to go if you’re in the area. It really is the best spot to spend a hot summer day with kids. They’ll have a blast jumping in and letting the current carry them down the water chute over and over again. Have you been to this park? What was your favorite part of visiting? Leave me a comment and let me know!


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