Peek a Boo Canyon Kanab Utah

Discover Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon in Kanab, Utah!

StephanieSeptember 2, 2020
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Every year 4 million people plan, pay, and take a tour of Antelope Canyon, a sacred site to the Navajo Tribe in Page, Arizona. That’s 7 thousand visitors a day! Antelope Canyon has blown up on Instagram and for good reason, it’s breathtaking. But did you know a little over an hour northwest lies Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon in Kanab and the locals would say it easily rivals the beauty of Antelope Canyon!

Located in Kanab, Utah Peek-a-Boo Canyon is a free slot canyon that is easy to hike, especially with kids, and significantly less crowded than other popular slot canyons. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “if it’s less crowded, it’s usually because it’s not as good” and I usually think if things aren’t as popular it’s because it doesn’t live up to the hype. However, in this case I would be wrong. Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon literally took my breath away. It’s red rock landscape was absolutely stunning and if you’re in the area you absolutely have make time to explore this canyon.

The gorgeous cayon walls in Peek a Boo Canyon in Kanab Utah,

Getting to Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon

Getting to Peek-a-Boo Canyon is fairly easy for an experienced off roader. However we’d never attempted to off road before this and didn’t know a whole lot about driving on sand. We learned very quickly that it wasn’t as easy as it looked and we got stuck in the sand about a mile into the trail. Luckily, a gentleman stopped and offered his help and after a few frustrating hours we finally made it out. If you’ve never kicked it into four wheel drive I wouldn’t recommend trying to learn on this trail.

Luckily, we discovered Coral Cliffs Tours! Their rates were unmatched and their customer service was off the charts! Not only did they pick us up from our hotel but they were kind and patient with our kids. We were with friends for a total of 6 six kids ranging in ages from 1 to 9. There were meltdowns and toddler tantrums however our tour guides were so engaging and understanding. If you’re looking to book with a tour company I can’t recommend them enough!

Exploring Peek-a-Boo Canyon

*WARNING* Flash Flooding! If there is any chance of rain do not attempt to enter the canyon. These canyons can fill up fast and there’s no where to go if it starts raining making for a deadly disaster.

After driving through a sand bank you will come to a ravine where you’ll park and begin your hike into the canyon. As soon as you enter the canyon it immediately feels as if you’ve stepped into another world. The sandstone canyon walls are grand in height, color, and design. The beautiful natural lines created in the sandstone add another level of beauty to the canyon that make it seem like this canyon was created rather than formed naturally.

The entrance to the secret slot canyon. Peek a Boo Canyon in Southernn Utah,
Entrance into Peek a Boo Slot Canyon

Our tour guide told us about how the canyon used to be submerged at the bottom of the ocean and even showed us some fossils on the rocks. By pouring water on the rocks it exposed the crinoids and starfish fossils hiding under a layer of dirt! The kids had a blast pretending to be archeologists for the day!

As we continued through the canyon our tour guide proceeded to educate us on the history of the canyon. We stopped at one point in the Canyon to observe some old foot holds that the Indians used as stairs. They would climb up the sandstone to an area that wouldn’t get direct sunlight and therefore was 10 degrees cooler. The Indians would use this area as a refrigerator to keep their food cool. So interesting!

Indian Ruins at Peekaboo Slot Canyon in Kanab Utah
Indian foot holds carved into the sandstone leading up to their refrigerator

As we walked through the canyon it seemed to only get more beautiful the longer we went on. Sand stone curves and beams of light pouring in from the top of the canyon made for some gorgeous pictures. *Pro-Tip* Throw sand into the light beams to enhance the sun beams. Our tour started at 2 pm, so by the time we got into the canyon it was probably close to 2:30pm, and we saw several of these gorgeous beams lighting up the canyon walls.

Light Beams pouring into Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon in Kanab Utah
Dreamy sun beams pouring light into the canyon

We had an absolute wonderful time exploring Peek a Boo Slot Canyon and big shout out to Coral Cliffs Tours for their amazing service and care! We can’t wait to come back one day!

Please be sure to practice ‘Leave no Trace’ principles to ensure this canyon stays preserved for many future generations to come and so others can enjoy it’s natural beauty.

Our Group that hiked through Peek a Boo canyon, Definitely a kid friendly hike in Southern Utah.


  • Plan accordingly for the season you’ll be visiting in. This means clothes, shoes, hats, sun protection, and water.
  • Wear comfortable hiking shoes
  • Snacks! The hike isn’t long but snacks are always a good idea especially with little kids
  • A camera or your Iphone
  • Drinks: water, Gatorade, etc
  • Sun Protection: Sun hats and sun screen
Exploring the slot Canyon!

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