Jacob's Well Swimming Hole

Jacob’s Well: Wimberley’s favorite swimming hole

StephanieSeptember 16, 2020
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Jacob's Well Swimming Hole in Wimberley Texas at Jacob's Well Natural Area
Jacob’s Well, Wimberley TX

Every summer as temperatures start to rise to triple digits Texans start seeking out a watering hole to escape from the heat. Without a doubt, Jacob’s Well is one of Wimberley’s favorite swimming holes to cool off in. Most Texans, if they haven’t already been, want to visit this highly popular rest area. However, Jacob’s Well also has a slightly dangerous allure that’s attractive to some of it’s visitors. With an intricate cave system, clear cool waters, and the perfect ledge for cliff jumping you’ll definitely want to spend your next summer here cooling off.

Jacobs Well Trail in the Jacobs Well Natural Area in Wimberley Texas

Discover Jacob’s Well

Address: 1699 Mt. Sharp Rd. Wimberley, TX
Hours: 8am-6pm Daily

Jacob’s Well is located in the little Texas town of Wimberley. Tucked way in Hill Country, Jacob’s Well is one of Texas’ most recognizable and sought after swimming destinations. The opening of the cave is 12 feet across and more than 120 feet deep. Jacobs Well has claimed the lives of eight people since 1935. It’s is Texas’ second largest fully submerged cave system and underneath the crystal clear blue waters is an intricate cave system. It can get tricky to navigate causing scuba divers to get lost or stuck and ultimately lose their lives. Like most visitors, if you’re just cliff jumping there really isn’t anything to worry about.

The opening of Jacob’s Well in Wimberley Texas.

Jacob’s Well is an artesian spring that is a refreshing 68 degrees year round. Until recently, water gushed out of the cave shooting up to six feet high! Due to over development in the area the water levels have dropped and completely ceased flowing for the first time in record history in 2000 and again in 2008. Now, there are all sorts of water conservation acts being set in place to protect the well loved swimming hole.

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The Jumping Cliff at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley Texas

The Mystery of Jacob’s Well

Jacob’s Well has attracted some what of a mysterious reputation. Not only is it a popular spot for swimming and cliff jumping, it’s also attracts open water divers. The system of caves that lies beneath the cool waters is intricate and complicated. For divers who aren’t skilled in the specialized techniques it takes to maneuvers in these caves have lost their lives. From 1964-1984 nine people have lost their lives; 8 men and 1 woman. In some of the deeper caves the opening is so narrow that it requires divers to remove their oxygen tanks to get through which has ultimately taken some of their lives.

Hiking Dry Creek Trail in JWNA in Wimberley
Hiking Dry Creek Trail at Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Things To Do

Besides jumping into the opening of Jacob’s well, there are several other things you can do while visiting here.

  • Hiking: There are several hiking trails that offer beautiful hill country views. Some of the most popular are
    -Monarch Meadow: This has a granite trail base and is line with pollinator friendly plants that, when in season, bring in swarms of butterflies.
    – Warbler Woodlands: This trail is made up of primitive foot paths. If you’re hoping to catch a glimpse as some of the birds at the Jacob’s well natural area this is the trail to take.
    -Dry Creek Trail: Wander through these ancient limestone ledges and keep your eyes peeled for fossils!
  • Nature Center: This area is currently a work in progress. As the popularity of Jacob’s Well Natural area increases and expands the JWNA is constantly continuing efforts to preserve the area while presenting others with an opportunity to enjoy it.
  • Nature Play Ground: Just outside the nature center towards the back is a sweet little nature themed playground. There are swings, a tree trunk themed balance beam, a spider web themed rope crawl, huge trees perfect for climbing, and picnic tables. It’s the perfect place to hang out after taking a swim with the kids.
Big Trees that are perfect for climbing at the nature center in Wimberley Texas
The most beautiful trees perfect for climbing!

Jacob’s Well: Reservations

Reservations are required in order to access the swimming hole.
Ticket Prices:
Adults- $9
Children, seniors, hays county residents, veterans, & service members: $5
To Book:
Call (512)214-4593
Email: parks@co.hays.tx.us
Facebook: Jacob’s Well Natural Area

Reservations are allowed through September 30 and allow for up to two hours of swim.

Swimming in the Trees at Jacob’s Well in Wimberley Texas



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