Top 5 things to do while visiting Sedona with kids!

StephanieSeptember 23, 2020
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Sedona is absolute magic and the ultimate kid friendly vacation destination. Hiking and outdoor adventuring are two of Sedona’s biggest attractions, and the best way to soak in all it’s natural beauty. Sedona is the perfect mix of the great outdoors and modern luxury. With restaurants, shops, and hotels all within walking distance of each other, this city gives the feeling of being world’s away in nature but also having much appreciated conveniences. We spent four days here and I’m sharing our top 5 coolest things to do in Sedona with Kids!

Hiking Soldiers Pass in Sedona Arizona!

Slip and slide at Slide Rock State Park

Just seven miles north of Sedona, lies Slide Rock State Park. There is no shortage of things to do in Sedona with kids and this place will be at the top of your list. This is natures playground and you’re kids are sure to have a blast!

What you need to know when visiting Slide Rock:

  • The rocks really are slippery. Be sure to wear good shoes. I wore my Teva’s and had no problems gripping the rocks.
  • The water is cold! We went in early June and the water was absolutely freezing! Maybe we’re not used to it but others seemed to have no problem cliff jumping and water sliding even at 8 am!
  • Be sure to bring sun protection! Sun screen, hats, rashgurads, etc
  • This is a popular park so be sure to arrive early especially during the summer months. We arrived an hour before they opened but a line was already formed.
  • For a little more privacy travel upstream past the entrance of the main slide and there are a couple small slides with way less people.
Slide Rock State Park located 7 miles north of Sedona Arizona!
The view of the natural slide at slide rock state park in Sedona Arizona

There is a fee for entering the park and depending on what time of year you go the prices vary. Restrooms are located down by the slide which is super convenient with small children and a small store is located on the grounds in case you forgot anything you may need.

Lounging after a day slipping and sliding at Slide Rock State Park.

The Ultimate Guide to Slide Rock State Park

Hike to Seven Sacred Pools via Soldiers Pass

Seven Sacred Pools Trail via Soldiers Pass is rated as easy on the AllTrails app. It is a 1.1 mile out and back trail that leads you to several stops along your way, like Devil’s Kitchen and a hidden cave.

Parking tip: The parking lot for the Soldiers Pass Trailhead is a day use only parking lot. The gates open at 8am and close at 6pm. Parking is limited to only 16 spaces including two handi-cap spots.
We arrived a little after 7 am and there were easily already 16 cars in line. My husband offered to drop us off and park at a near-by dog park about 2.5 miles away. Not ideal but at least we were able to get in!

Alternative Parking: If you don’t make it in time to get to this popular lot and don’t mind a longer hike try out these two alternatives:

  • Brins Mesa Trailhead
  • Jordan Trailhead
Devil’s Kitchen; Sedona’s largest active sinkhole

The first stop you come to is Devil’s Kitchen:

  • Devil’s Kitchen in an active sinkhole that formed when a cave underneath it collapsed. In 1898 the north side fell in and caused the sinkhole to increase by 40%!
  • Be extra cautious, especially if hiking with children, as there are no guard rails around this area.
  • Devil’s Kitchen currently measures 150 feet wide and and more that 50 feet deep and is expected to continuously grow.
  • The sinkhole is located only .2 miles from the parking lot, making this a quick first stop on your hike to Seven Sacred Pools!
The Seven Sacred Pools was a beautiful sight to see!

Continuing on the trail you’ll come to Seven Sacred Pools:

  • Seven Sacred Pools is a series of small natural pools and stunning desert scenery
  • Typically, even in a drought, these pools are full of water but on our trip they were unfortunately completely dried out.
  • After a heavy rain these pools create a cascading waterfall with a serene sound.

Hike the Bell Rock Tower Loop Trail

This trail is one of the absolute most beautiful trails we’ve ever hiked! It was absolutely stunning with 360 degree views all around. We arrived as the sun was starting to set casting a golden glow on all the rocks lighting them up. This was our favorite hikes to do in Sedona with Kids!

Taking in the views at Bell Rock Trail in Sedona!
Views at Bell Rock Trail, Sedona Arizona

Bell Rock Trail: is a 2.2 mile loop trail rated moderate and is a loop or out and back trail depending on which trail you take. You can even climb all the way up the bell rock and sit and watch the sun go down. Make sure to arrive at a non peak time to secure a spot in the parking lot.

Bell Rock Trail in Sedona at sunset was the most beautiful trail we've ever hiked!
Bell Rock Trail in Sedona Arizona

Tour The Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona

The Chapel of the Holy Cross was rated as the number 1 of the 10 top attractions in Sedona by USA Today and is on the National Register of Historic Places. The church gives the illusion that it is carved right in to side of the red rock buttes of Sedona. It sits high up on the mountain top surrounded by a beautiful landscape. This is one of the easier sights to see in Sedona with Kids.

When visiting the chapel you can purchase a candle for a donation. As you enter the church it’s pretty quiet as people sit and say a prayer before heading out. There is a wall of windows overlooking the red rocks with Jesus on the cross perched in front of it. It is a beautiful place to visit.

Walk across Devil’s Bridge in Sedona

Devil’s Bridge is the largest natural sandstone arch and one of the most popular hikes in all of Sedona. This is a two to four mile out and back trail with beautiful views.

Devil’s Bridge:

  • Getting to the Trailhead: There are two way to get to there. With a 4×4 you can drive directly to the Devil’s Bridge Trailhead and it makes it a 2 mile roundtrip hike. With out a four wheel drive you’ll park at the Dry Creek Vista Trail and walk two miles to the trailhead and an additional two miles to the bridge.
  • From the trailhead it’s a one mile hike up and a one mile hike back.
  • To your right and you’ll spot balance rock teetering at the top of the mountain.
  • Take plenty of water and snacks for the trail.
Beginning our hike to Devil's Bridge in Sedona Arizona!
Hiking Devils’ Bridge Trail

This is definitely one of the harder hikes in Sedona with kids. If hiking in the summer, be cautious of temperatures and stay hydrated. Depending on that ages of your kids and the type of vehicle you drive this can be an extremely strenuous hike. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the bridge and had to turn around because we were losing daylight and still had a two mile hike back to the car. The trail itself isn’t overly difficult but the length of it was exhausting four our three small kids. Even though we didn’t get to walk across the bridge we were able to take in all the gorgeous views on this hike.

Balance Rock to your right once you’re on the Devils Bridge Trail


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