Boat Box Hot Springs in Stanley IDaho

5 Must See Hot Springs in Idaho

StephanieAugust 16, 2021
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Did you know Idaho has more hot springs than any other state in the Unites States? Idaho has about 130 soakable hot springs which makes going on a hot springs road trip an absolute necessity! We spent three days road tripping across Idaho and we we’re able to hit 5 hot springs in just a few short days! Here are 5 must see hot springs in Idaho:

Pine Flats in the Boise National Forest

Pine Flats Hot Springs in located in the Boise National Forest located near Lowman, ID. It is roughly .6 miles out and back and features a waterfall that can’t be missed. The trail was short and followed along the Payette River. When you reach the hot springs there is a small pool that sits right along the river however, if you get in the river and follow the rocks around you’ll find a massive waterfall and several more pools of hot water ranging in temperatures. You can also find the waterfall by traveling a little further down the trailhead where it’ll bring you to the top of the waterfall where you’ll have to climb down to reach the bottom. Rating this hot spring a 9 out 10!

Pine Flats Hot Springs in the Boise National Forest near Lowman Idaho

Bonneville Hot Springs

Hands down this was my favorite hot spring we visited in Idaho. It is located in Lowman in the Boise National Forest and is about .6 miles out and back perfect for all skill levels. From smoking hot waterfalls cascading down into little pools to a hot springs bath house located right on the trail to the sounds of nature and the river trickling downstream and gorgeous mountain views, this hot spring had it all. And to think we almost didn’t stop here as we were rushing to get to Stanley. I can only imagine Bonneville Hot Springs in the fall or winter and just how gorgeous it must be. With several pools with different temperatures you’re sure to find something for the whole family here. Rating this hot spring 10/10!

Kirkham Hot Springs

Considered to be one of the more popular hot springs in Idaho, of course we had to check out Kirkham Hot Springs. The entrance to the park was closed when we arrived but there is a parking lot right as you pull off the highway and the hike down is super short most of it being through the entrance of the park. This is one you want to make sure you arrive early for as it fills up quickly with people. The waterfall is definitely the main attraction but if you keep going further down there are several small pools right along the river with gorgeous views that tend to be a little less crowded. If you’re bringing kids along this hot spring is easily the most accessible and easy to get to. Rating this one a 7/10!

Kirkham Hot Springs in Lowman Idaho

Boat Box

You know when you see something epic on Instagram and it become a major tourist attraction? That’s what is happening with Boat Box Hot Springs. Luckily it’s in such a small part of Idaho that it’s still way less crowded than what you’d expect. There is a consistent stream of people waiting to soak at Boat Box. This is another one that I’d suggest arriving early to. Even if you can’t arrive early there is only enough parking for 2-3 cars at a time. So, it wasn’t very crowded on the multiple times we visited while in Stanley. This is definitely one of the most unique hot springs I’d ever been to and I can see why people love it so much. Rating this one a 9/10!


Snake Pit Hot Springs

Also located in Staley but a bit more off the beaten path is Snake Pit Hot Springs. If you turn like you’re going to the Stanley Museum and pass it you’ll find a pull over just a few minutes down the road. After that you’ll come to a bridge that crosses the river. Right as the bridge ends turn left and follow the trail down to this hot springs that has a beautiful view of the Sawtooth Mountains. We had this hot springs all to ourselves the entire time we were there even though it was only about 5 minutes from the very popular boat box hot springs. The water was nice and warm without being too hot which was nice. However the water was little murky so I’m rating this one a 6/10!

Snake Pit Hot Springs in Stanley Idaho


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