• The Grand Canyon National Park South Rim

    1 Day at The Grand Canyon National Park: South Rim

    ADMIN August 19, 2021

    Are you planning a trip to the grand canyon and wondering what’s the best way to spend 1 day at the Grand Canyon National Park South Rim? The Grand Canyon National Park South Rim is just that. Grand! Magnificent may be a better description to describe it’s stunning magnificence. It is something everyone needs to see at least once! Here’s everything you need to know if you’re road tripping through…

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  • Top 10 kid friendly things to do in Houston, Texas

    ADMIN December 23, 2019

    Houston has no shortage of reputation and as a Houston native we have big things to say about this great city! If you’re here visiting or just wondering what there is to do here, look no further! I’m sharing our top ten kid friendly things…

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